Active Lubricants

ACTIVE Lubricants has Introduced the complete range of Automotive & Industrial Oils to provide Solution to all the lubrication requirements.

ACTIVE Lubricants believes in the best to raise the level of service Quality in the industry to international standards in addition to providing world class products to our valued customers, in this regards we have the best plant for producing quality products, equipped with latest technology laboratory facilities to test the Quality of Products.

ACTIVE Lubricants Produces lube products based on highly advanced formulations and the latest technology. Offering synthetic and mineral technology lubricants to the users of latest technology machineries, Our Products are extensively tested and recommended for major machine manufacturers.

In the professional Market ACTIVE Lubricants is one of the largest lube products providers enabling professional users to ensure maintenance of high quality machinery with reducing operating cost. An excellent service with a maximum variety of items to choose from the highly flexible delivery capabilities.

ACTIVE Lubricants are surpasses the technical indicators defined by international standards by API – SAE and ACEA.